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Measurement Importer

Measurement Importer is an application designed to streamline the process of importing measurements from various sources using dedicated user interface within KensoBI. Below, you will find essential information on how to effectively use the application.

Importing Measurements from Files

To import measurements from files, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "File Import" tab within the application.
  2. Upload the desired file containing measurements.
  3. Select the relevant measurement attributes and characteristics.
  4. Initiate the import process by clicking the "Send" button.

Supported file formats for import include:

  • XSL (Kenso Microtech)
  • CSV (Kenso, Microtech)

Utilizing Digital Instruments

Measurement Importer is equipped to import measurements directly from digital instruments. To enable this, you must install the Kenso Importer Windows Service application on the computer to which the digital instruments are connected.

Supported digital instruments include:

  • Microtech's advanced digital micrometers and calipers

To learn how you can work with connected digital instruments, go to Local Connect page.