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Data sources

Datasources allow you to connect KensoBI to different databases, APIs, and servers in order to visualize and analyze data. Setting up data sources is essential for getting the most value out of KensoBI.


KensoBI supports any data source supported by Grafana along with custom plugins developed specifically for KensoBI. This means you can connect to SQL databases, time series databases, logging systems, cloud data sources, and more from one unified platform.

Some key advantages of using KensoBI for your data sources include:

  • No need to learn SQL to query databases
  • Query CAD objects like models, parts, features directly
  • Built-in data model for quality control with structures for parts, characteristics, measurements, etc.

Only organization admins can add or modify data sources.

Adding a Database Data Source

  1. Go to the Connections -> Add new connection.
  2. Select data source from the list, i.e. PostgreSQL
  3. In the top right corner, click Add New Data Source.
  4. Enter connection information provided by your database administrator and press Save & test button to test connectivity and save your new data source.


Please visit Grafana Data Source documentation to learn more.